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Bybliotech is an e-publishing startup company, created with the intention of increasing the accessibility of great literature.  We believe there is too much focus on novelty in publishing.  Sure great books are being published every month – but does this ever mean we should neglect the classics? No! We deal with the timeless essential stories –  the stuff that true libraries are made of, be they physical or digital.

It is our determined aim to publish the very best collection of literature there is. From our beginnings focused on the classic texts of the Ancient World, we have expanded quickly into other areas, releasing the “Bybliotech Discovery” series that specializes in delivering first-hand accounts of human exploration, as well as the series of factual books “The Big Ideas”, with titles such as “The Machiavelli Collection”, or “The Nietzsche Anthology” exploring human psychology.

Crucially, at Bybliotech we care about more than profit. We genuinely love literature and ideas, and we’ve borne this in mind when pricing our books – we want everything we publish to be accessible to the largest number of people, so we have priced everything as competitively as we can.

Massive advances in screen technology have meant that access to tremendous knowledge now need not be the preserve of the privileged few, but can be made available to the many, at very low-cost. We believe we are doing our bit to democratise knowledge and information, by making all these historic texts attractive and accessible one more.

Why buy from Bybliotech?

All of the texts we publish are available in the public domain, and thus outside copyright. Sometimes we are asked: – “Why pay for something that is available for free?” There is a simple answer to this – for the price of a couple of dollars/pounds/euros we offer a far greater reading experience than any ebooks that are available for free, which are often riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, and are frequently missing large chunks of text.

We take great care to evaluate and select the best and most accurate translations on offer. We commission bespoke covers and illustrations for each of our books, including maps when appropriate, and when possible (like with the Exploration Anthologies) we use contemporary photography (from the actual explorers expeditions).

We also bring together numerous texts into one attractive anthology, when the free versions would need to be downloaded individually. For instance, “The Jules Verne Anthology” contains 45 works in English translation – more individual texts in English than any of our competitors (some of whom try to inflate the number by including texts that are still in French!) To get these texts for free you would need to clog up your digital bookshelf with 45 separate texts, all with drab covers, no table of contents, and all strewn with errors. Free or not – this does not make for a good reading experience!

Over time our books may be updated with additional footnotes, illustrations and analysis – that is the beauty of a digital library – the product can grow and evolve with the owner.
 Please check back here regularly for any updates on new releases, or to make your own suggestions of texts we should add to our “to do” list.  We hope you gain as much insight and enjoyment from these seminal works of literature as we do here.

And finally – if you enjoy the ebooks you buy from us here – please leave us some good reviews! We are a small startup company working hard to deliver good quality books, and positive reviews are our lifeblood – every review helps!

Many Thanks,


“We Came. We Saw. We Published”