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Anglo-Saxon Verse - COVER

Anglo-Saxon Verse

The first Saxon migration to the British Isles arrived in 449AD, after which a flourishing culture developed (Anglo-Saxon) – only ending with the Norman invasion in 1066


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Of all the Anglo-Saxon art remaining to us, their poetry is of the very highest literary quality, and provides a fantastic source of information about pre-Christian Germanic history, myth and culture.

Invaluable to students of both history and literature, this ebook of Epic and Heroic Anglo-Saxon Verse provides the complete collection (alongside the separate Epic Beowulf)

The content on this ebook is as follows:

– Detailed Introduction
– Thorough Synopsis of each Poem
– Cynewulf’s Elene
– Judith
– Athelstan, or The Fight at Brunanburh
– Byrhtnoth, or The Fight at Maldon
– The Dream of the Rood

This ebook has an interactive table of contents for ease of navigation.


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