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Bring the Change: Change Your Energy, Change Your Life

Bring the Change looks at holistic life well-being from a practical standpoint, providing you with informed guided methods to maximise your physical and emotional health.  

Focusing on 6 key areas of your life, this book not only supports you to maxmise your body’s well-ness, it also supports change in personal relationships, challenges you to rethink belief systems and guides you towards seeking out your most passionate and fulfilling life.


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The 6 areas of exploration include: 

PHYSICAL: BODY PHYSICAL: Nutrition & Body Movement. How to stay healthy & how to make informed choices to maximise your health and energy levels.  METAPHYSICAL: The make-up of everything, the tool of communication and the very fuel of your physical body and the physical world around you.  EMOTIONAL BODY: Continued exploration into emotional intelligence and emotional physics. Identifying how energy centers in the body can help to identify intention before physical actions are taken and subsequent consequences of your external life unveiled.

MIND: Exploration into intellect verses emotions. Discovery of mindfulness and how it can help you to unlock your own authentic power.

FAMILY: Supporting you to find a harmony in your unit and live as a positive figure for those around you.

SOCIAL: Exploring how you can utilise this human requirement to bring meaning to your own life. Believing in your own intuition and utilising your authentic power to become a role model and social influencer in your community.

FINANCE: Exploration into money energy. Appreciating the importance of money and valuing what it offers humanity. Searching for and developing creative ways and means to make money that serves your passion and purpose in life.

PURPOSE: How you can strive to live in the direction of your daily passion. How you can move beyond fear and live in the moment taking the best possible action in life without reaction to yourself or the outside world.


A healthy individual is an empowered individual, able to see the world as a creative playground, not a mine-field. A healthy, positive individual believes in their own capabilities. They inspire change in themselves and the world around them. Once you realise that by functioning at maximum energy capacity, you will unlock your most amazing life experience, you will commit to the process with everything you have.


Epub, Kindle