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Elon Musk: Understanding Greatness

Coming Soon – March 2016!

Across the centuries human history has been shaped and altered by the ambition, imagination and actions of a relatively small number of visionary men and women, who genuinely deserve to be attributed with ‘Greatness’.

When we study history – we are essentially studying the actions and effect of Great people – those people who have risen to the top against the odds, people who have somehow not been constrained by the obstacles that beset so many people, and prevent them from achieving their potential.

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But we do not need to look deep into history to study ‘Greatness’ – indeed, if we want to find examples that are relevant to our own lives, with practical resources we can follow in our day-to-day lives, then we need look no further than the present. There are some truly Great people living and working among us today, and shaping the very course of the future that we will all inhabit. Without any doubt Elon Musk is one of those people.

This book will follow the course of Elon Musk’s life, offering quotes, anecdotes and examples to follow and understand his success. But more than that, this book has followed Musk’s own advice – to ‘boil things down to fundamental truths’. Each of the sections of this book will deal with a different quality and aspect of Elon Musk’s mindset, and will examine it. How did he achieve so much? What were the attitudes and approaches that made him so successful? How did this help him succeed? How can we replicate this attitude and success in our own lives? By understanding what makes him special, we are able to unlock that which is special in ourselves, and progress into the future fulfilling our true potential.