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Moby Dick - Cover

Moby Dick

‘Moby Dick; or, The Whale’ is Herman Melville’s peerless classic novel of seafaring adventure, obsession and revenge, and is widely considered to be amongst the canon of Great American Literature.


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Told from the viewpoint of the wandering sailor Ishmael, it follows the Nantucket whaleboat the “Pequod”, as it scours the seas hunting the enormous Sperm Whale.  Captained by the enigmatic Captain Ahab and crewed by an assortment of salty characters such as Queequeg, the noble Polynesian harpoonist, the “Pequod” is engaged on a mission of revenge – to hunt down ‘Moby Dick’, the giant and malevolent ‘white whale’ and fulfil Ahab’s vengeance.

This novel ranks amongst the foremost “must read” books that have been written in the West, and has entertained and mystified readers for generations.

This beautifully rendered book lays out the text perfectly, with an interactive scrollable table of contents for ease of navigation.


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