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Seven Pillars of Wisdom - Cover 2014

Seven Pillars of Wisdom

T.E. Lawrence’s peerless masterpiece, the “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”, is his account of his experiences and leadership of the ‘Arab revolt’ agains the Ottoman Empire in 1916-18, during the First World War. The events of the book were popularised by the 1962 film “Lawrence of Arabia”.


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As well as providing a truly unique insight into the lifestyle and customs of the Beduin Arabs, the “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” also became renowned as the first true guide to pursuing ‘asymmetric’ or ‘guerrilla’ warfare with light, fast moving forces against a much more powerful opponent, and has been studied in military academies ever since it was written.

This unabridged ebook contains a number of photos and illustrations of Lawrence and his contemporaries in the Arab revolt.


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