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The Complete Jerome K Jerome - Cover

The Complete Jerome K. Jerome

Jerome K. Jerome is rightly famed for his peerless work of comic genius ‘Three Men in a Boat’, and it’s hugely successful sequel, ‘Three Men on the Bummel’, but beyond these two titles, much of his other great work is now forgotten.



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This comprehensive collection contains the complete works of this hilarious and talented author, incorporating fiction, drama and essays and observances, as well as the Autobiography of the author.

Rich with humour and insight, collections of essays such as ‘Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow’ offer a priceless insight into the life and times of late Victorian and Early Edwardian England – a time of apparent luxury and indolence, but also great social and technological change.

The voice of Jerome K. Jerome is never far from the action, with his wry wit and piercing observances standing the test of time, and still never failing to raise a smile and a laugh from the reader.

This ebook has been carefully edited and formatted, and provided with beautiful color illustrations. All of the short stories have been preserved in the collections in which they were originally published, and all of the texts have dedicated active tables of contents.

The works contained in this Bybliotech collection are as follows:


Three Men In A Boat (To Say Nothing Of The Dog) 

Three Men On The Bummel 

Paul Kelver 

They And I 

All Roads Lead To Calvary 

Tommy And Co.

Short Story Collections (72 Short-stories in Total)

Told After Supper 

John Ingerfield And Other Stories 

Sketches In Lavender, Blue And Green 

The Observations Of Henry 

The Passing Of The Third Floor Back, And Other Stories 

The Angel And The Author And Others 

Malvina Of Brittany




The Dancing Partner


Fanny And The Servant Problem 

The Master Of Mrs. Chilvers 


Idle Thoughts Of An Idle Fellow 


The Diary Of A Pilgrimage, And Six Essays 

Novel Notes 

Second Thoughts Of An Idle Fellow 

Tea-Table Talk 

Idle Ideas In 1905 

The Autobiography:

My Life And Times


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