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The Complete Julius Caesar: The Conquest of Gaul and The Civil War

Julius Caesar made an indelible mark on History. He did so in both deeds and words – making certain his accomplishments weren’t forgotten by recording them in his own writing. This Anthology is a complete collection of the surviving works of Julius Caesar, containing two titles – “The Conquest of Gaul” and “The Civil War”.


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In these two books Caesar details how over the period between 58 and 50 BC he conquered a vast area of what is now France, Belgium and Switzerland, as well as twice invading the British Isles. Caesar’s work gives an unparalleled insight into his military strategy, but also into his political machinations an motivations – as the book was intended to be read as propaganda by the Roman public.

Following his return from these campaigns Caesar was elected ‘dictator’ of the Roman Republic – a position that was confirmed in perpetuity in 44BC, but which lead directly to the conspiracy to assassinate him.


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