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The Complete Plutarch: The Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans, Parallel Lives and Moralia

Plutarch’s works have lasted through the centuries and still provide a powerful insight into the life and history of the Ancient World.


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Plutarch was a Greek scholar who became a Roman citizen during his lifetime. He was the senior priest of Apollo at the famous Oracle of Delphi and he led a highly active social and civic life. 

He wrote several texts, including “The Lives of the Roman Emperors”, “The Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans” (Also called “Parallel Lives”), and “Moralia”. Of the first of these “The lives of the Roman Emperors”, only two of the “lives” survive – that of Galba and Otho. In this Anthology this has been incorporated into “Parallel Lives”.

This unexpurgated anthology has been compiled by and optimised for e-readers. It includes an active table of contents for ease of navigation, and features unique illustrations as frontispieces for the individual books in the anthology.


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