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Cortes - Dispatches from mexico - Cover

The Dispatches of Hernan Cortes the Conqueror of Mexico

The Dispatches of Hernan Cortes, or the ‘Cartas de Relacion’, are several extraordinary documents written by the great Conquistador himself, explaining his actions in the remarkable conquest of Mexico directly to the Emperor Charles V of Spain.


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Not since Julius Caesar documented his own Conquest of Gaul has a conquering general delivered his own story with such panache, but also with such Machiavellian political intentions.

Fully aware that his actions were legally suspect, Cortes masterfully explains his conduct in exceeding his mandate as captain of the expedition, relying on the fact that the astonishing degree of his success (and the attendant riches he has sent with his letters), will assuage the charges against him.

This English translation of the original Spanish text comes with a preface and an introduction, as well as an assortment of color images, maps and illustrations, as well as an interactive table of contents for ease of navigation.


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