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Philip K Dick Cover

The Philip K. Dick Anthology: 18 Classic Science Fiction Stories

18 Complete Philip K. Dick Stories in One Ebook!

“A Fantastic Value Anthology”

The Philip K. Dick Anthology contains a fantastic selection from the legendary master of the genre. The stories in this anthology illustrate the Genius of Philip K. Dick’s irrepressible imagination, and the prescience of his writing.


Clear selection

It’s easy to see why so many of Philip K. Dick’s stories have been turned into big Hollywood movies – from ‘Minority Report’, to ‘Blade Runner’, to ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ (which is included in this Anthology). These stories have been thrilling and entertaining millions of readers for the last 5 decades – and will probably continue to do so when the science stops becoming fiction, and becomes a reality!

There are 18 separate stories in this Anthology, along with numerous original illustrations.

The stories are as follows:

1. Beyond Lies the Wub

2. The Gun

3. The Skull

4. The Defenders

5. The Eyes Have it

6. The Hanging Stranger

7. Mr Spaceship

8. Piper in The Woods

9. Second Variety

10. The Variable Man

11. Tony and the Beetles

12. Adjustment Bureau

13. Beyond the Door

14. Exhibit Piece

15. The Crystal Crypt

16. Strange Eden

17. Upon the Dull Earth

18. Of Withered Apples


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