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Exquemelin - the Pirates of Panama

The Pirates of Panama, or, The Buccaneers of America

Also titled “The Buccaneers of America”, this thrilling text is one of the few first-hand accounts of piracy to exist.


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Alexandre Exquemelin was on board the flagship of Henry Morgan, one of the most notorious pirates ever to sail. Exquemelin bore witness to some of the most extraordinary events in the history of the Caribbean, including the raid on Panama City in 1671 by a veritable army of buccaneers, assembled first as a fleet by Morgan, who masterminded the attack.

Exquemelin’s own story is in itself astonishing. Sold into servitude, he trained as a barber-surgeon, and served as the ship’s surgeon on a number of different pirate ships, witnessing and recording everything he saw.

When this book was first published (in Dutch) in 1678 it caused a sensation, and was rapidly translated into several languages, creating the legendary image of piracy that we still have to this day.

This text has been specifically designed for e-readers and contains color images, illustrations and maps, as well as an interactive table of contents for ease of navigation.


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