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Treasure Island - Cover

Treasure Island

Treasure Island is the ultimate tale of swashbuckling adventure – setting the standard for pirates with peg-legs, talking parrots, secret maps and buried treasure.  This amazing book sets the archetype for all the pirate stories and myths that were to follow.


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The story follows Jim Hawkins – a young lad bequeathed a treasure map and the chance to save his mother from a life of poverty.  Setting out with the bluff local squire and the sensible doctor, Jim enlists the help of a charismatic sea-cook – a former sailor confined to shore due to his wooden leg, who bears the infamous name of “Long John Silver”.

Long-John helps to recruit a crew of motley sailors, and they soon set sail on a secret course to the mysterious ‘Treasure Island’, but can they make it there in one piece?  and will they discover the ‘pieces-of-eight’ that lie buried at the end of their journey?  One thing is certain – fantastic adventures will be faced and endured before the tale is out!

This book has been specially designed and formatted, and contains color illustrations and an interactive scrollable table of contents.


Epub, Kindle